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Big Love Season 4, Episode 1: Free At Last

Was anyone else disappointed by last night’s season four premiere of Big Love? It all started with that new intro. It’s OK, but the old one was better, and the fact that the four Henricksons were on thin ice still seems more fitting than the falling through thin air metaphor, especially, since in so many ways, they’ve already hit rock bottom. But that’s why we love them, isn’t it?

At the end 0f season three, Joey (Bill’s brother) killed Roman Grant, Sarah (Bill and Barb’s daughter) was struggling with having had a miscarriage and Barb was kicked out of LDS.

As the new season opened last night, Bill was leading the way in his new church. As soon as the service ends, we see an FBI raid at Juniper Creek where they are trying to find Roman Grant. Alby is busy during the raid, picking up a guy in the park. I’ll never look at bird watchers the same way again.

The authorities come to question Nikki because someone has been putting his money into an account in her name. But that’s not Nikki’s only drama. Her daughter, Cara Lynn, is getting ready for high school when her father, Nikki’s first husband, J.J., shows up and demands his daughter back. Bill gets J.J. to agree to having her on the weekends so she can go to school but she tells them privately that if he goes back to Kansas, she’ll go with him.

But, it gets worse for Nikki. Her mother calls, asking her to bring a generator and when she gets there, her mother forces her into the basement freezer for Bacon, but instead, she finds Roman’s dead body. Nikki wants to turn the body over to the FBI but her mother says no so she goes and tells Alby, which was a very bad move.

Alby dumps his father’s body on Bill’s casino property. Jerry, Bill’s casino partner, gets a tip that the FBI is on its way. So Bill drives with Nikki and the dead body back to the compound.

Margene, who looks hot with a new wardrobe and haircut, is still selling jewelry on television but her boss is afraid she is about get burnt out. So, she tries to pawn off her casino responsibilities on Barb while she concentrates on the jewelry line. Barb, who is very insecure after getting booted from the church, struggles with her role at first, but in the end is able to fill in for Bill at the opening of the new casino and does a decent job at that.

Lois is now raising birds in an apartment outside of the compound. Frank attempts to kidnap her and later tires to kill her so she offers him a piece of the bird biz if he leaves her alone.

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