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Big Love Season 4 Episode 5: Sins of the Father

In last night’s episode of Big Love, the distance between Bill (Bill Paxton) and Ben (Douglas Smith) grew as the tension continued over that kiss that Ben shared with Margene (Ginnifer Goodwin). Barb (Jeanne Tripplehorn) insists that Bill resolve the dispute immediately and even tried to make nice with Marg until she found out it was Marg’s fault the kiss happenened. By the end of the episode Ben had run off with Bill’s mother, that can’t lead to anything good.

Bill also wins the Republican nomination for Senate after he gives a heartfelt speech about being a lost boy. Its important to note the only reason he admitted he was a lost boy was because a mugshot of a young Bill surfaced. That’s the sign of a great politician, take a mugshot and turn it into a campaign slogan.

Sissy Spacek is back as Marilyn who, once she finds out Bill had slandered her name to the tribe, threatens to take revenge on Bill. That’s not his only problem, Nicki is questioning how he feels about her since he has her do all his dirty work. He enlisted Nicki as a volunteer for Colburn so she can learn their secrets, helping Bill win the nomination.

As the episode ended, Marg and Bill were headed toward reconciliation, Barb was having a break down over the fact that Marg macked on her son, Nicki was ready to make another baby with Bill (despite the fact that he thinks she’s “Morally ambiguous”) and Benny was off with his crazy grandparents. What else can possibly happen to the Hendrickson’s?

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