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Big Love Season 4 Episode 6: Under One Roof

Last night, some of the season’s most compelling story lines were wrapped up on Big Love, but, that doesn’t mean they ended tidily.

First of all, Ana, the fourth Hendrickson wife who disappeared last season, turns up in a restaurant where she was a waitressing. And, it seems she was carrying Bill’s baby. Barb become obsessed with taking her in and raising the baby as part of their family but Ana wasn’t having any part of it. She did go to Bill and ask for his help and offered  him visitation rights, sans the wives.

Barb found out about their meeting and went to see Ana, who had a new fiance, and discovered the baby was not conceived during her 48 hour marriage to Bill, but it was actually conceived before they were married. Barb was hurt and confronted Bill who admited he was wrong, but let’s face it, Bill has bigger problems.

Meanwhile, Dale and Alby continued their affair until Bill confronted Dale about his “inappropriate contact” Alby. Of course, Dale denied it but, eventually the entire truth came out when one of Alby’s wives caught them leaving their love nest.

Dale, who is struggling with his alliance to the church and his feelings for Alby, ended up committing suicide. Alby found him in their apartment and was crushed.

Sissy Spacek’s character continued to be a problem for Bill, as she became a partner in the family’s casino. Even though it seemed like this may have been the end of her drama, it’s sure to be just the beginning.

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