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Big Love Season 4 Episode 3: Strange Bedfellows

Here’s a look at what happened to the Hendrickson’s on last night episode of Big Love:

Margene turn into a mini-mogul and finally gets her big shot at a prime time spot to hawk her jewelry on TV. But Ben is the only family member who takes an interest in her work and the only one who shows up at the studio to support her. Margie thanks him by giving him a very friendly kiss. A producer sees it and tells of America (on live TV) that he’s her husband, which does not go over very well with the rest of the family.

Barb is at the casino leading sensitivity seminars, which are a disaster. Then she hits one of girls living on the reservation with her car. It turns out the girl she hit is a methhead but Sarah (who feels bad) never gets the memo and has the methhead move in with her.

Bill is in Washington D.C. trying to get an endorsement for his senate run but ends up butting heads with lobbyist Marilyn Dencher, played by guest star Sissy Spacek. Luckily for him Nikki wins her over in the bathroom and Sissy decides he’s worthy of her time after all.

Nikki is hanging out in D.C. with Bill and Cara Lynn. She’s suppose to be there on a romantic getaway but she isn’t sure she’s that into Bill anymore (which is why Cara Lynn is along). She leaves Cara Lynn in a lobby while she tries to help Bill and when she returns, Cara Lynn calls her out for bailing on her and tells the guard Nikki has a gun. Bill returns the favor and gets her out of that mess but they’re never able to get back on track like they had hoped.

The bad news? There’s only six weeks left in this mini-season.

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