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Watch Big Love Season 4 Online

big loveWhile not many people have heard of the show, me included, Big Love on HBO has had decent success.  It is a drama about a fictional fundamentalist Mormon family in Utah that practices polygamy.  Of course leave it to HBO to fulfill its groundbreaking series roles.  The show stars Bill Paxton and Chloe Sevingy as well as a few other recognizable people.  Big Love is already in its fourth season and is set to premiere next year on January 10th.

The show was researched for more than three years before filming began and the producers’ goal was to put forth a fair portrayal of polygamy in America.  While most conservatives would disagree and probably boycott the show entirely, the show has enough fans to where it has been renewed year after year.  The producers try and make the show un-judgmental, but a show like this is hardly the case.

The show is one of a kind and if you’re into the whole taking risks thing, then Big Love should be on your list of shows to watch.  Big Love’s fourth season premieres on January 10th on HBO at 9 pm.  While episodes cannot be watched online week after week, there are a few alternatives to watching the show.

Places to Watch Big Love Season 4 Online:
  • HBO
    This is the best way to stay up to date on the show without having to wait until after the season.  You must sign up for a subscription to HBO either through your cable or satellite provider.
  • Netflix
    When the seasons are finished, they will release them in DVD bundles and one can have a Big Love marathon.  You have to subscribe to Netflix.
  • iTunes
    While you also cannot watch any episodes from season 4 on iTunes, they do have a Big Love starter pack that includes the first five episodes of Season 1 for $6.99.  Unfortunately, the videos are in standard definition.
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