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What’s Coming Up on Big Love Season Four?

bbigloveAt a Big Love event during the PaleyFest last week, the show’s cast and producers spilled a few secrets about what’s coming up on season four.

For fans hoping that Roman Grant isn’t really dead after being choked in the season three finale, we’re sorry to report, there’s no chance he’s coming back, ever. According to show runner Mark V. Olsen, “There’s Roman’s funeral, and his presence on the show is huge next year. He’s still a looming presence. Things are coming to light that were hidden; things are coming up from the past, from the grave.” `

Olsen goes on to say, “A theme we’re exploring this season is the subjugation of women. It’s not as if we haven’t done this before, but we’re going to do it in a deeper way.” The women will also be more deeply involved in each others lives at points when they would have split in the past.

As for Bill Paxton’s character, Bill Henrickson, he has big plans for the future. “I’m ready for us to become who we are without all the fighting and for Barb to really know that she’s on this thing. I want her to be Bonnie to my Clyde. I want to see us take on the world, be a little more empowered, to see my empire grow. I think the Church of Bill could be a go, and Bill the Prophet could be in the cards.”

Regardless of what Bill wants, Barb will try to establish a new identity for herself. “The Henricksons are truly starting their own faith, and I hope that Barb takes a real active role,” says Jeanne Tripplehorn who plays Barb. “She’s always been on the fence [about polygamy], so it will be interesting to see her try and embrace it.”

It also looks like Nicki’s daughter and ex, J.J., will also be back in the picture. As for Alby, he will most certainly be caught in a power struggle now that Roman is gone.

Season four begins filming in the next few weeks and will premiere on HBO at the end of the year.

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